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About Bussi(tography) - Eyal Bussiba

A troubled spirit who finds peace only while viewing the world through lens...


Few things about me - The love for nature and to living creatures (of all sizes and forms..) was inherent in me since early childhood. While my coevals where busy squashing any insect they came across, I used to bring home all kinds of small animals I'd find and explore them... Being out in the wild, in open spaces, close to nature, has always been where I felt elated, but also where I feel at peace with myself. Therefore, Nature is one of the things I enjoy photographing most.


Among the rest of the living creatures, Homo sapiens have fascinated me greatly.. While traveling I found that I have special affinity to the Far East - the diversity & colorfulness both on the street and in the country side have been a photographer's heaven. Much like the peace of mind I find while being close to nature, the relative quietness of the night is why late night photography is most appealing to me. Digital art is the one thing I can think of which is the closest I have to meditation. When I work on a new piece, I often manage to clear my head completely and not think of anything else till it is done with...

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site and see a bit of my perspective of things. Hope you'll enjoy it.


You can contact me by Email here: bussi@bussitography.com

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